ÅF Hires Trafic Guru Claes Tingvall


Claes Tingvall is the man behind road traffic safety project Vision Zero and he’s coming out of retirement to work at ÅF. His job will be to inspire and support the challenges of combing community planning, automotive technology and sustainability. Claes will play a key role and help us to take full advantage of the possibilities that comes with intelligent infrastructure, smart transportation and self-driving cars. Read the full story here.

Quick minds competed at the ÅF Cube Days 2015


We would like to thank the competitors as well as the audience who participated in our Rubik’s Cube competition, the ÅF Cube Days. The competition took place at Innovatum Science Center in Trollhättan during the weekend. Several different competitions were held ranging all the way from the standard Rubik’s Cube and Skewb to Blindfolded and One-handed cubing. After two great days of 3D puzzle solving, Simon Westlund defended his Cube Day title in main competition with an average time of 9,71 seconds.


All the results of LeanNova Cube Day can be found here.

Coverage of LeanNova Cube Day in TTELA.

Master Thesis Mingle at Chalmers


Ex -jobbspresentation

To find inspiring students who want to carry out their Master thesis projects in close cooperation with ÅF (LeanNova), we will attend the Master Thesis Project Mingle hosted by the masters programmes: Automotive engineering, Applied mechanics, Production engineering and Product development, at Chalmers on October 15.

The automotive industry is a challenging and exciting place. We believe one way of keeping up with the new technology is having a close relationship with the academic world and we strongly believe in the mutual benefit of mixing our experienced engineers with new young talents in the beginning of their career. We therefore offer several Master thesis projects to be carried out within our operations.

If you are a dedicated, young talent looking for a Master thesis project within the automotive industry, please visit us at our exhibition booth.


What:  Master Thesis Project Evening
Where: Lecture Room HA2, Hörsalsvägen 7, Johanneberg Campus, Chalmers, Gothenburg
When: October 15, 17.15–20.00

Visit our website for available Master thesis projects.


LeanNova / ÅF featured in the news


The newspaper ttela has interviewed Tomas Camén (CEO) and Jonas Bergqvist (Site Manager Gothenburg) about ÅF’s growth plans within the automotive industry, where the Trollhättan team will play a key role. Read the full story here.

Are you ready for another round of speedcubing?



Last year’s speedcubing competition in Trollhättan was a success. Therefore we’ve decided to once again host Cube Day in cooperation with Innovatum Science Center. Join us and compete yourself, or watch how the participants solve a Rubik’s Cube in mere seconds.

Taking on the 1980’s classic 3D puzzle without preparation is no easy task. So if you want to rank high in the competition, you will need to have both quick hands and a sharp mind. If you’d rather just watch and learn – Rubik’s Cube experts will be at the event, giving out tips and tricks to that will help you solve the puzzle.

This year the Cube Days will be a two-day event on October 17 and 18. The competition has also been granted official WCA (World Cubing Association) status. Trollhättan has shown great cubing skills in the past and residents have both won the National Championship and participated in the European Championship. Maybe a new local star will rise during the ÅF Cube Days?

ÅF Cube Days 2015
Where: Innovatum Science center
Date:  October 17-18
Time: TBA

The merger between LeanNova and ÅF covered in TTELA


The integration between LeanNova and its new owner ÅF is going smoothly and all according to plan. The regional newspaper TTELA covered the process earlier this week. Please read the full story here (in Swedish).

Meet the LeanNova wiring team


Elnet _gang

It runs through the vehicle like spider web and it’s playing a major role. We’re talking about the wiring system – cabling running from one end to the other, supporting every little electrical function in the car.

Meet the brains behind it – the LeanNova wiring team.

A car without electrical wiring is a dead car – it won’t go anywhere. This is something all five members of the wiring team at LeanNova know. In fact, they know all there is to know about cabling and their experience go way back.

– Between the five of us we have a very long and wide-ranging experience within the field and since we all have different backgrounds we complement each other very well, explains Daniel Källback.

LeanNova takes on complete wiring system packages for OEMs, and the team – consisting of Daniel Källback, Magnus Andersson, Jonny Enhus, Jessica Johansson and Lena Henriksson – is located to the LeanNova head quarter in Trollhättan.

Among the five of them they have to ensure that all the technical components in the vehicle are working. This means making sure the wires have the right dimensions in order to save unnecessary weight, making sure they fit in the car as well validation of the product.

– This is a very complex product and our work is often left to a very late stage of the developing process – of natural reasons. All the technical equipment that needs electricity has to be in place before the wiring team are engaged in the process, says Magnus Andersson.

And the more functionality the customer requires inside the car, the more cabling is needed.

– Today we have approximately three kilometres of cabling in the car and it’s one of the most expensive component, however, you’re not supposed to either see it or hear it, says Jessica Johansson.

Today the work is being done in 3D CAD where you can secure the wiring system will fit in the car. As a result it is now possible to exclude the preproduction face and go straight to production, which obviously saves both time and money.


LeanNova makes the Chalmers Formula Student team overcome obstacles


Chalmers _formula _student

Photo: Chalmers Formula Student


LeanNova has been mentoring the team of Chalmers Formula Student since the end of last year, providing helpful advice in building their new competitive vehicle. 

Ibrahim Bakirci, Andrew Dawkes and Erik Hartelius from LeanNova conducted a design review on the vehicle a couple of weeks ago before the team entered the manufacturing phase. 

The students are exposed to a steep learning curve being part of a worldwide engineering competition for universities. LeanNova’s role is to stimulate this learning process and make them think in different ways and work around the obstacles they come across. 

– Ultimately they are the ones entering the competition and therefore they should be able to justify all their solutions in front of the judges, says Andrew Dawkes, Senior Design Engineer. 

Lucas Börjesson and Oskar Eklund have also been part of the mentorship providing useful advice ahead of the manufacturing phase, which the team is in now. It is desired to be kept as short as possible to allow more time for tasks such as tuning vehicle performance and validating components to the initial targets that were set. 

Additionally, LeanNova has given valuable advice on how to become more efficient in working as a team and preparing the overlap between the upcoming phases. An example of that is to have a Vehicle Performance team running in parallel to the Manufacturing team that deep dives further into vehicle performance in terms of torque vectoring, aerodynamic down force, suspension and electric powertrain efficiency. As a result, the team will enter the competition preparation phase in a more confident and prepared manner.

LeanNova sat down with the team during start-up of the manufacturing phase to share some of their knowledge and experiences from producing the 2012 car.

– The manufacturing phase is extremely short in the Formula Student project. The team produces a fully functional prototype from scratch in only four months.”. And you have to keep in mind, that project engineers have little manufacturing experience and have not built a complete vehicle before, says Erik Hartelius, Development Engineer, Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics.

In order to finish in time, it is crucial to initially map out all the available and required resources such as workforce, budget, manufacturing facilities, raw materials and fasteners. As soon as that has been done, the manufacturing phase can be carried out in an efficient way, without unnecessary panic and sleepless nights, where every project engineer equally contributes to the birth of this year’s Swedish native Formula style race car.

LeanNova covered in Västnytt


LeanNova’s cooperation with the Chinese car manufacturer Qoros was covered in Swedish media, Västnytt, earlier this week. View the full story here.

Meet LeanNova at Inwest


Do you happen to be one of those skilled, young professionals looking for a career within the automotive industry? Then we would like to meet you at Inwest, on March 5.

The careers fair, Inwest, arranged by the University West in Trollhättan, has established itself as the natural place for the industry to find new talents.  And for the second time around, LeanNova will be attending the event.

LeanNova has employed many experienced and skilled engineers, since the start three years ago. However, we appreciate the importance of looking ahead and plan for the future. We believe the best way of doing that is to let new talents work with our experienced engineers. That will be benefit both parts and, in the long run, contribute to the regrowth of excellent engineers.

Welcome to visit us at our exhibition booth.


Event: Inwest

Place: Stråket, Högskolan Väst (University West), Trollhättan

Date: March 5, 10.00-15.30

ÅF acquires LeanNova


ÅF Image


Engineering and consulting company ÅF acquires LeanNova and forms the most complete automotive engineering service provider in Sweden.

“Through the transaction, ÅF acquires a unique team of experienced engineers with OEM heritage”, says Jonas Wiström CEO of ÅF. “The automotive teams of ÅF and LeanNova complement each other well. The combined entity will be able to meet the increasing demand from the automotive customers for complete work packages to both light and heavy vehicles.”.

“We are looking forward to being part of ÅF”, says Tomas Camén, CEO and co-founder of LeanNova. “Many at LeanNova have worked together for a long time at the engineering department at Saab Automobile and GM before joining LeanNova. I am sure we will be able to contribute to ÅF based on our proven track record and relations with customers inside and outside of Sweden.”

LeanNova will be part of the Technology Division and will constitute an instrumental platform for the further development of the automotive engineering operation within ÅF.


ÅF is an engineering and consulting company for the energy, industrial and infrastructure markets, creating progress for our clients since 1895. By connecting technologies we provide profitable, innovative and sustainable solutions to shape the future and improve people's lives.  Building on our strong base in Europe, our business and clients are found all over the world. 



Meet LeanNova at CHARM


Charm _dagarna


Are you a talent of tomorrow? Do you want to find out more about the challenging and exciting automotive industry?

Well, then we hope you will visit us during the career fairs, CHARM, at Chalmers on February 3-4.

We will be there looking for you!

LeanNova employees have an average OEM-experience of more than 15 years. This is something we are very proud of, but at the same time we take a long-term perspective on recruitment. We believe it is the combination of experience and new thinking that strives us to move forward and to develop the best innovations for our customers. And in order to reach recent graduates we will attend CHARM.

As we are working with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers in the world, we can offer you great opportunities and challenges. Today LeanNova has two offices in Sweden –at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg and our headquarters in Trollhättan. We can also offer you a career abroad, at our offices in Shanghai, China, or right in the centre of in the Midlands in the UK.

Does it sound interesting? Hope to see you there!


Event: CHARM

Place: Kårhuset, Motionshallen (Chalmers Johanneberg)

Date: February 3, 10.00 - 16.00, February 4, 10.00 – 15.00


For further information, please contact Maria Lindberg, HR Business Partner.

LeanNova mentors next year’s Chalmers Formula Student team


Formula Student

 Photo: Kroeger/FSG

Building a car from scratch is hard work. This is something that five engineers at LeanNova learned in 2012 when they entered the worldwide Formula Student competition.

However, the hard work turned out a good investment – the team won first price and now they will use their experience as mentors for Chalmers Formula Student Team 2015.  

– By participating in Formula Student I have gained a greater understanding for the car-developing process.  Now I know how the different parts connect, says Ibrahim Bakirci. 

In cooperation with four other LeanNova employees – Oskar Eklund, Lucas Börjesson, Erik Hertelius and Christoffer Routledge – Ibrahim took part in the Chalmers Formula Student competition in 2012. An exciting year that the five young engineers describe as both challenging and demanding. 

– During the test period there were days when I was about to give up, but we never did. We made it, says Lucas. 

Formula Student is a world wide engineering competition where students get the opportunity to build and design a car from scratch. During the process they compete in several different events, both dynamic such as endurance and acceleration and static such as the cost of manufacturing and the business idea. The overall aim is to give students hands-on experience and to develop their engineering skills. 

So how did the Chalmers team of 2012 do in the competition? Well, after a year of hard work, it all comes down to one weekend when the participants meet for a final race. The winning team has to prove it has the best concept of a formula style-racing car. 

– We won the competition in England and we came in third place in Germany, says Oskar. 

The team gained a lot of new knowledge through the project and naturally they would like to share their experience with teams to come. LeanNova has subsequently decided to sponsor the Chalmers Formula Student 2015, and the five participants from the team of 2012 will serve as mentors. 

– Their experience can sometimes be decisive for the project. With their special knowledge, the mentors can guide the team in the right direction, says Peter Eriksson, project leader for Chalmers Formula Student 2015. 

Coverage of LeanNova in TTELA



How did LeanNova managed to start three companies in three years and how did they managed to find new assignments for the engineers working for Nevs –  in only six months? Find the answers and read the whole interview with the LeanNova management in the local newspaper TTELA.

Interview with Tomas Camén in P4 Väst


Thomas _camen


During 2015 LeanNova will be looking for another 100 skilled engineers to join its team, Tomas Camén, CEO, told the local radio station, P4 Väst, in an interview on December 9.

Listen to or read the full story here. 

LeanNova attends Advanced Engineering Show




Bringing together manufacturers and suppliers on the British automotive industry, the Automotive Engineering Show 2014, will be held in Birmingham in November.

As a part of the activities on the British market, LeanNova will naturally be attending.

The Automotive Engineering Show 2014 is taking place on November 11 and 12 in Birmingham, UK, as a part of the Advanced Engineering UK 2014. The two-day-event is a show and an open conference for automotive body, chassis, powertrain and supply chain engineering. It covers vehicle design, development, production and integration engineering programmes.

– We opened our office at the University of Warwick Science Park at the end of this summer. This will be a great chance for us to meet other engineers and discuss the future of automotive engineering with representatives from the business, says Tommy Sundin, Manager Business Development, LeanNova.


What: The Automotive Engineering Show 2014

When: November 11 and 12

Where: Birmingham, UK


For more information about the Automotive Engineering Show 2014, please click here.

LeanNova hosts Lindholmen Connected


 Leannova _bild


In March 2013 LeanNova opened a satellite office at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg – an inspiring place in terms of collaboration and knowledge. On Wednesday, October 22, LeanNova will host the networking business event Lindholmen Connected.

– The office at Lindholmen Science Park is an excellent opportunity for us to network with people from the industry as well as contribute to the development of the automotive industry in West Sweden, says Jonas Bergqvist, site manager at LeanNova’s office at Lindholmen.

Along with two other companies, LeanNova will host Lindholmen Connected on October 22, which is the fourth edition of the lunch meeting. Invited as keynote speaker is Gang Wei, Deputy CEO of CEVT, the engineering and development centre run by both Volvo Cars and Geely Auto.

Lindholmen Connected is a business network offering companies at Lindholmen an opportunity to share experiences and mingle during lunchtime. Most of the companies involved are active in the Transport, ICT and Media business. The meetings take place in the creative area, Open Arena, and a keynote speaker introduces the event, while three companies act as hosts.

During the meeting on October 22, LeanNova engineers and representatives from the management team will be present. This will also be an opportunity to experience a 3D rapid prototype machine in action.


What: Lindholmen Connected Business Network

Where: Open Arena, Lindholmen, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Gothenburg

When: October 22, 12.00 – 13.00


Read more about Lindholmen Connected and register.

Join us for a movie night




Did you watch the film Inception? Well, now it’s time for the sequel – Instellar.
In cooperation with Ingenjörsjobb.se LeanNova invites you to a movie night at Bergakungen in Gothenburg on November 10.

LeanNova is always looking for new talents – from young professionals to experienced engineers with cutting edge competence. During an event arranged by ingenjörsjobb.se you will get the opportunity to meet with representatives from our management team to learn more about LeanNova and discuss your career. Together we will also watch the movie Instellar.

Don’t miss out - it could be a big step for your career.


What: Movie night and mingle
When: November 10
Where: Bergakungen, Gothenburg

Please click here to register for the movie night.


New records at LeanNova Cube Day


Cuber 1


The LeanNova Cube Day can be summarised in one word – success. No less than six national records were set during the event.

– We are very happy with the outcome of the competition, says Stefan Hellqvist, founder of the LeanNova Cube Day.

40 participants had registered for the competition that took place on Innovatum Science Center on Saturday. 32 of them turned up and several had travelled far for the event as competitors came from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and even India.

And as it turned out, the LeanNova Cube Day was a good competition for scoring records. Six different records were set during the day. In Skewb Thomas Schmidt from Denmark scored two new national records, in best single result and in average result. From Sweden, Viktor Ejlertsson’s single result of 2.68 seconds was enough to break the former national record and from Norway Ulrik Bredland managed to break their national record in best single result as well as average result.

Solving the cube with two hands is one thing but try doing it with one hand. Anders Berggren from Stockholm, Sweden, knows what it takes. In only 11.02 seconds he solved Rubik’s Cube one handed and by doing that he also managed to set a new Swedish national record.  

Not only the competitors were busy with the cubes. Workshops were held for visitors of the LeanNova Cube Day and lots of people were having a go at solving the little puzzle.

– The workshops were very appreciated. It is hard to explain to the audience exactly what is happening on stage as many participants are competing at the same time. However, during the workshops visitors could have a go themselves and get some guidance and tips on how to solve the cube, says Stefan Hellqvist.


All the results of LeanNova Cube Day can be found here.

Coverage of LeanNova Cube Day in TTELA.

For more pictures and results visit LeanNova Cube Day web


Watch a speedcuber in action


Qubeday News

Do you want to watch a speedcuber in action and perhaps learn a few tricks? During two events in September and October, Trollhättan’s most talented speedcubers will show the audience how the twisty little puzzle from the 1980’s should be solved – in no time. 

In cooperation with Innovatum Science Center, LeanNova will host LeanNova Cube Day on October 11. During the competition the participants will compete for the fastest times to solve the Rubik’s Cube. 

However, in order to boost the interest for LeanNova Cube Day, two separate events will be held prior to the competition. On September 27 and October 4, the speedcubers from Trollhättan, Rasmus Andersson and Hampus Hellqvist, will demonstrate how the cube should be solved, at Innovatum Science Center and in the entrance hall at Etage, Överby.

– Rasmus and Hampus are two talented speedcubers from Trollhättan that participated in the Rubik’s Cube European Championship in august. During the events at Innovatum Science Center and Etage, they will show the audience how fast they can solve the cube and they might also teach us a few new tricks, says Mikael Jakobsson, CSO at LeanNova. 

Speedcubers at Innovatum Science center
Date:  27 September
Time: 11.00 – 16.00

Speedcubers at Etage, Överby
Date: 4 October
Time: 11.00 – 14.30

LeanNova Cube Day (Innovatum Science Center)
Date: 11 October
Time: 10.00  – 17.00

For more information on LeanNova Cube Day, please visit www.leannova.se


Heading for world class Infotainment systems




Developing Infotainment systems is one of the most challenging tasks of car development, and it is always a race against time. However, with long experience from working lean, LeanNova has established a team that will give its customers a world-class system – right on time.

The ability to anticipate the future and making sure you are always one step ahead is extremely important if you want to get into the business of developing Infotainment systems. Your working methods have to be fast and flexible to make sure the system is up to date when the car is ready for launch.

– Final decisions about the Infotainment system are often made rather late in the car developing process. Still, you need time for developing the system, which requires fast deliveries, short loops and an experienced and effective team of engineers, explains Ola Wennberg, Manager Infotainment, HMI & Software at LeanNova. 

The Infotainment system provides driver information and entertainment in the car, e.g. trip computer, radio, media, navigation, phone, telematics and Internet. Normally offered in different levels and with multiple displays controlled through buttons or voice.

– It’s a very complex product that requires flexibility in both your developing process and final product. The system needs to meet the customers’ expectations not only at purchase of the car but also during its life cycle, says Wennberg.

With in average more than 15 years of OEM experience, the engineers at LeanNova have gained excellence within this field and a specialist team, dedicated specifically to working with Infotainment systems, has been set up. Their product knowledge and effective way of working is a result of developing several generations of Infotainment systems over the years.

– We’re combining something called agile product development with the traditional car developing process. That, in combination with our product knowledge, results in the right product at the right time, says Wennberg.

Subsequently, the outcome is an Infotainment system that is not only up to date at the time of launch, but also for years to come.


First meeting on squeak and rattle held at LeanNova


 Rattle Squeak -image

Nobody wants to drive a noisy car. One huge challenge for the automotive industry is therefore to avoid disturbing squeak and rattle in the interior compartment. To develop methods and tools for this, Volvo Car Group and Chalmers University of Technology initiated a competence arena and on 20th of August the first technical meeting was held at LeanNova in Trollhättan.

About twenty representatives from the different partners involved attended the first gathering last Thursday. During the meeting three different Master thesis projects were presented and in two of them, LeanNova supported with 3D laser measurement, and experienced NVH engineers guided the students.  LeanNova also presented the NVH test facilities at NEVS, which can be rented for different customer projects, and were used in the thesis projects.

The SRCA – Squeak and Rattle Competence Arena – is the result of collaboration between Chalmers University of Technology and Volvo Car Group. The arena was launched during spring 2014 and the idea behind the project is to develop methods, tools and processes for virtual and physical verification of squeak and rattle in order to enhance industry and academia within the area.

The SRCA has several members with different background but one thing in common –prediction of squeak and rattle. The industrial partners are Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, CEVT, ÅF, LeanNova, BETA CAE Nordic AB and Gleitmo. By sharing competence, knowledge, resources and equipment the members will participate in jointly defined projects about squeak and rattle. During the first year Master thesis projects will be the base for collaboration, however in the long term externally funded projects are planned to be predominant.


LeanNova hosts LeanNova Cube Day




Many of us remember the little cube that captured our attention for hours in the 1980’s. And now it’s back. Through the Internet Rubik’s Cube has found a new generation of users and later on this year a competition is held in Trollhättan – it’s called LeanNova Cube Day.

Rubik’s Cube European Championship just took place in Roskilde, Denmark, and during the three-day event several Swedes were among the medallists. And as a matter of fact, most of them are coming to Trollhättan to participate in the LeanNova Cube Day. In cooperation with Innovatum Science Center, LeanNova is hosting the competition in October. Yet, the registration is already open.

– Over 30 cubers have already registered, says Stefan Hellqvist, who came up with the idea of LeanNova Cube Day.

The growing interest for Rubik’s cube is fascinating and Stefan believes it is the easiness to spread the interest on the Internet that has caused the boost. And why not latch on to that?

– Why can’t we arrange a competition here in Trollhättan, I asked myself, explains Stefan.

LeanNova liked the idea of hosting the event. In the long run it might attract young engineers to the company and it can also be an opportunity to do something for the younger generation.

To become an official competition where times and records are registered, you will have to get approval from the World Cubing Association and during the competition delegates from the organisation have to be present. Furthermore, the WCA asked the LeanNova team if they wanted to host the Swedish Championship.

– But we thought that was a bit too early. We want to have a go at hosting LeanNova Cube Day and if it turns out well, it can be expanded to the Swedish Championship next year, says Stefan.

The participants can compete in different events during LeanNova Cube Day. It is the 3x3x3 (what we would call the normal cube), 2x2x2, 4x4x4, Rubik’s cube one-handed, megaminx, pyraminx and skewb. There is a maximum of forty participants.

During the planning of the event, the team noticed the absence of female participants, and they have been trying to figure out how to get more women interested.

– We came up with the idea to have workshops where visitors can learn a few tricks for beginners. We hope that will boost their interest.

So save the date - LeanNova Cube Day will be held at Innovatum Science Center in Trollhättan on October 11.

For more information, please visit the LeanNova Cube Day official website.


LeanNova Engineering UK Ltd to open in England


The engineering service company, LeanNova, has opened a new subsidiary in the UK. By the end of the summer, the operations in England will be established with an office at the University of Warwick.

 – Opening an office in the UK is all according to our plan and another step in the company’s development, says Tomas Camén, CEO.

 The British market is nothing new to LeanNova. On the contrary, the company is already working with several customers within the automotive industry and has established itself as a reliable partner to large OEMs.

 – Registering LeanNova Engineering UK Ltd will enhance our existing relations and also show our customers we are determined to stay for a long time, says Tommy Sundin, Manager Business Development.

 By offering package solutions and being able to undertake complicated tasks involving many different skills, LeanNova sees an opportunity to challenge its competitors on the British market.

 – Since our engineers have extensive experience from the developing car process, we are able to manage tasks involving many disciplines, explains Sundin.

 The operations in England will be run from facilities at the University of Warwick Science Park, situated right in the centre of Midlands, where most of the automotive industry in England is established. And like LeanNova’s subsidiary in Shanghai, LeanNova Engineering UK Ltd, will function as a front office, while most of the engineering work will be performed by the engineering team at the head office in Trollhättan, Sweden.


LeanNova receives top credit rating


LeanNova receives the highest score, AA, for its creditworthiness in a credit rating report by BisNode. The score shows that LeanNova is a reliable company with the financial systems in order.

– To receive the highest score possible for such a young company as LeanNova is an acknowledgement that we have manage to have routines and financial systems in order during the fast and global expansion, says Christer Frykman, CFO.

The BisNode credit rating scale is based on the company’s solidity and it considers four different areas of the company’s operations – age/enterprise, owner/management, finances and solvency.

Launched only two years ago LeanNova cannot receive the highest rating for age/enterprise. This means the company has managed to score three out of four segmental ratings, which is the highest rating possible for such a young company. Furthermore only 16 percent of all Swedish companies have been granted the score AA.

– It is with great satisfaction we receive this credit rating, since this guarantees our customers, not only great engineering, but also a solid and quality-assured infrastructure. Along with the on-going work to achieve ISO-certification, the credit rating is an important step in the development of LeanNova, says Mikael Jakobsson, CSO.


Easter-greetings from LeanNova




There is time for work and there is time for holiday. This coming weekend we will set our work aside and spend time painting eggs and celebrate Easter with our loved ones. At LeanNova we would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers and employees for the past few months and wish you all a Happy Easter! See you back on Tuesday!

The story of LeanNova covered in Avacons


What happened to the excellence and skilled engineers when Saab filed for bankruptcy in December 2011?

The magazine, Avaconcs, published by Chalmers Alumni Association, are looking for the answer in a story about the engineering service company, LeanNova.

Please, click to read the full story (PDF). 

Attend webinar - Squeak and Rattle Simulation at Scania and LeanNova


Are you interested in squeak and rattle simulations? Do you want to learn more from a real project? Make sure you attend the Squeak and Rattle Simulation at Scania and LeanNova webinar on March 12.

Scania CV AB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. 

Scania selected LeanNova and Altair as partners to assist with the development process for a Scania truck cabin. The combined team was tasked with assisting the virtual development process, ensuring the liaison with supplier's Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) teams, and finally support elements of the testing process. 

During a 16 months period, two full design loops and a number of design studies were performed. The first step involved modal correlation of the plastic parts from an existing cockpit in order to improve the material database for future simulations. The second step was to build a complete vehicle model for various types of cabins, and by applying loads from road test measurements calculate the relative displacement at defined interfaces.

All of this work was conducted by using Altair's Squeak and Rattle Director (SNRD), which empowers engineers to perform more simulations by reducing the time needed for analysis of squeak and rattle phenomena.

- In our philosophy to use CAE driven development the Altair Squeak and Rattle Director has been excellent as a tool in combination with our development and test knowledge in this project, says Martin Öman, COO.

Take the opportunity to hear more about how Scania and LeanNova are using the SNRD tool to decrease the time to perform squeak and rattle analysis in the free webinar.


Webinar: Squeak and Rattle Simulation at Scania and LeanNova

Date: Wednesday, March 12, 09:00


  • Magnus Almqvist, Project Leader, LeanNova
  • Charilaos Zografos, Project Engineer, Altair Sweden

LeanNova looks for new talents at Inwest


Working within the automotive industry is exciting and demanding. We know there are a lot of new talents out there ready for the challenge. In order to find these skilled graduates LeanNova will attend the careers fair, Inwest, at University West in Trollhättan, on March 6.

Inwest has been arranged by University West in Trollhättan since 1997. Over the years it has established itself as the natural place for companies to meet talented graduates in the west of Sweden.

LeanNova’s ambition, by attending Inwest, is to find graduates ready for the challenge. We have employed many experienced and skilled engineers during our first two years, but we also look ahead and plan for the future. The best way of doing that is to let new talents work together with our experienced engineers. We believe this will be beneficial for everyone and, in the long run, contribute to the regrowth of excellent engineers.

So, are you looking for a career within the automotive industry? Are you a talented and skilled graduate with a childhood dream of developing new cars? Then we hope you will take the opportunity to visit us at Inwest on March 6. Since we are working with some of the best car manufacturers in the world, we can offer you great job opportunities at one of our offices in Trollhättan, Gothenburg and Shanghai.

Event: Inwest

Place: Stråket, University West, Trollhättan

Date: March 6, 09.00-15.30

LeanNova has reached 200 employees


As LeanNova is celebrating its second anniversary, it has just reached its recruitment goal – 200 employees after two years in business. 

Last weekend, the engineering service company, LeanNova, celebrated its second anniversary with all employees at the headquarters in Trollhättan.  The celebration included cakes and memories from the first two years as well as many good discussions about the future. 

Now another milestone in the company’s development has been passed. LeanNova has grown fast since the start in February 2012 and it has reached 200 employees. 

- Over the past years we have established a stable customer base and employed skilled engineers according to plan, says CEO, Tomas Camén. 

The quest for more talented engineers continues as the company plans to grow even further. 

- During 2014 we are planning on recruiting another 100 engineers to our offices in Trollhättan, Gothenburg and Shanghai, says Maria Lindberg, HR Business Partner.


LeanNova celebrates its second anniversary



As LeanNova is celebrating its second anniversary the management team is looking ahead and making plans for the future, which includes recruiting another hundred engineers by the end of the year.

It has been two years filled with both hard work and a lot of satisfaction. But the effort has been worthwhile and the hard facts speak for themselves. In two years the company has grown to almost two hundred employees.

- We knew from the start that it would turn out well, since we believed in the great competence of our engineers. But we also knew it would require a lot of hard work, says Martin Öman, COO.

At the start of 2013 LeanNova employed around hundred engineers. The number of customers was increasing and in March they opened the new headquarters in Trollhättan. During the coming months plans were made for a subsidiary company in Shanghai, China, as well as a satellite office at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Both offices opened during the fourth quarter of 2013.

- Our intention is to give our customers in China a strong partner by having a front office in Shanghai, while most of the engineering work is being conducted in Trollhättan, explains Tomas Camén, CEO.

Along with developing the company LeanNova has during 2013 managed to increase its number of customers.

- Today we have over 30 customers in primarily Sweden, England, Germany and China, says Mikael Jakobsson, CSO.

So what are the plans for 2014?

The plan for LeanNova during 2014 can be summarized into continued expansion, evolved business with current and new customers and development of the satellite offices in Shanghai and in Gothenburg.

- During 2014 we are planning to recruit around hundred engineers, both new talents and experienced engineers, with the goal that 30 percent of the employees are women, says Maria Lindberg, HR Business Partner.

The second anniversary will be celebrated today, Friday, January 31, with all employees at the headquarters in Trollhättan.


LeanNovas second year in brief: 

  • The company has continued to build and establish a stable client base;
  • The number of employees has doubled to almost two hundred;
  • The new headquarter in Trollhättan and a satellite office opened at Lindholmen, Gothenburg;
  • The subsidiary company, LeanNova Automotive Engineering (Shanghai) Co Ltd, was established in China.




LeanNova attends CHARM in Gothenburg


Are you a talent of tomorrow? Is working within the automotive industry one of your dreams?

If so, we hope you will visit us during the career fairs, CHARMalumn and CHARM, at Chalmers on February 3-5, where representatives at LeanNova will be looking for new talents and skilled engineers.

Today our employees have an average OEM-experience of more than 15 years. This is something we are very proud of, but at the same time we have a long-term perspective on recruitment. We believe it is the combination of experience and new thinking that strives us to move forward and to develop the best innovations for our customers.

In order to reach recent graduates as well as engineers that have gained a few years of experience, LeanNova will attend both CHARMalumn and CHARM.

Since we are working with some of the best car manufacturers in the world, we can offer you great development opportunities and challenges, which includes working in Sweden as well as abroad, for example at our office in Shanghai.

Welcome to visit us.


Event: CHARMalumn

Place: Lindholmen Science Park (Lindholmspiren 5)

Date: February 3, 16.00 – 21.00


Event: CHARM

Place: Kårhuset, Volvofoajén, second floor (Chalmers Johanneberg)

Date: February 4, 09.00 - 16.00, February 5, 09.00 – 15.00


For further information contact Maria Lindberg, HR LeanNova.

Interview with LeanNova in TTELA and TV4


LeanNova has been subject for media coverage several times during the past week. Read the artikel in TTELA or watch the interview at TV4.

LeanNova to take part in Vinnova-innovation project


The engineering service company, LeanNova, will take part in a 9 million SEK innovation project called “Computer aided structure and material optimization”, in close cooperation with another eleven companies from the Swedish automotive industry.

- By participating in this project we will improve our competence even further, which in the long run will benefit our customers, says Annika Aleryd, project manager, LeanNova.

The project is a part of the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova’s program FFI, Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation, a partnership between the Swedish government and the automotive industry. LeanNova will during the project period cooperate with companies such as Volvo Cars, GKN, Altair, Lamera AB and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

LeanNova has been allocated a total sum of 300 000 SEK, to be spent over a three-year period. Since it is a joint funding program, LeanNova will contribute with another 600 000 SEK.

The project partners will be looking into different aspects of multi objective optimization, however their common goal is the same – to develop efficient working procedures that will maximize the technical results while minimizing the development time spent. A second goal is to develop lightweight solutions to decrease weight and cost with 50 percent.

LeanNova will look further into optimization of a rear suspension system.

- We aim to produce a methodology for optimization of the product´s performance, says Gunnar Olsson, expert in chassis at LeanNova.

In other words LeanNova´s engineers will develop CAE methodologies to optimize a defined passenger vehicle rear suspension concept in two steps. The first step includes finding the optimal topology of the suspension system. During the second step, LeanNova will optimize the material type and the shape of the different components to meet multidisciplinary requirements at lowest weight and cost.

Annika Aleryd and Gunnar Olsson, emphasises the importance for an engineering service company, such as LeanNova, to participate in research projects that will contribute to competence improvement.

- Our engineers have a long experience from car development, but the technologies and the processes changes rapidly within the automotive industry and you have to make sure you are always one step ahead, says Annika Aleryd.


LeanNova expands and opens office in Gothenburg


LeanNova, expands its operations and opens a new office in Gothenburg. Situated at Lindholmen, it will enable LeanNova to get closer to the customers and attract engineers living in the Gothenburg region.

The satellite office at Lindholmen will be officially opened December 2, 2013, and from the start a handful of engineers will be working there.

- Our intension is to be closer to our customers and since we see a growing demand for our competence in Gothenburg, we believe this is the time to establish the new office, says Martin Öman, COO.

Another reason is to attract skilled engineers. By offering a workplace closer to home, LeanNova hopes candidates from the Gothenburg region will find the company even more attractive.

- By offering our employees the opportunity to work both in Trollhättan and in Gothenburg, we improve customer benefits and at the same time we will give our employees a better private situation, says Öman.

Only a month ago, in October 2013, LeanNova established another satellite office in Shanghai, which means the company now has two offices in Sweden and one in China.  Recruitments to all three sites can be found under open positions.

For more information, please contact Martin Öman, COO.


Martin Öman, COO, tells the LeanNova story at Handelskammardagen


Martin  Öhman

From 2 to 200 in 2 years. The engineering service company, LeanNova, has grown rapidly since the start in 2012. On November 27, Martin Öman, COO at LeanNova, visits Handelskammardagen to tell the story of how a group of colleges gathered skilled engineers and turned their vision into a successful sustainable business.

Is it possible to create a region that could compete internationally? And how can you use competence available to build a successful business? Handelskammardagen, taking place in Trollhättan on Wednesday, will focus on how a region could enhance its attractiveness by investing in its strengths and assets.

Invited to tell the story of LeanNova is Martin Öman, COO of the company. As one of the founders, he will give the audience his view on how he and some colleges from Saab started the company almost two years ago. He will also talk about the current status of LeanNova and what the future might bring.

-       We have had an amazing journey since the start in 2012 and I think it would be great if my story could inspire people to do something similar, says Martin Öman.

Handelskammardagen is arranged by Västsvenska Handelskammaren.


Event: Handelskammardagen

Place: Innovatum, Trollhättan

Date: November 27, 13.30 – 18.00


LeanNova attracts students for Master Thesis Projects


New _office

To attract students and in the long run, support regrowth of new talents, the engineering service company, LeanNova, attended a Master Thesis Project mingle at Chalmers earlier this week. In total, LeanNova had six master thesis projects available to offer interested students.

Along with another eleven companies, LeanNova visited an event in Gothenburg, arranged by the Institution of Applied Mechanics at Chalmers, with the intention to offer master thesis projects. To discover what the companies had to offer, approximately fifty students from two different master programmes; Automotive engineering and Applied mechanics, attended the event.

- Most of the students know what they are looking for when they attend the event, and we got the impression that they found our master thesis projects interesting, says Annika Aleryd, manager CAE, Safety and NVH.

And as it seems it turned out well. A few applications reached LeanNova the day after the event. Aleryd points out that they are looking for between six and ten students to carry out in total six master thesis projects.

Gunnar Olsson, senior integration engineer for chassis and vehicle dynamics at LeanNova, finds it very inspiring to work with master students. He emphasises the importance of both getting interesting problems solved and attracting new talents.

- I have supervised students since 1984, which has resulted in many new colleagues, explains Olsson.

LeanNova takes a long-term perspective on recruitment and recognises that even though most of their engineers have a long and valuable experience, the work force eventually has to be rejuvenated. In addition, the company believes it is important to give students and recent graduates the chance to practice their new skills in real situations. And in the long run, this will contribute to the regrowth of excellent engineers.

Attending events like the one at Chalmers is one way of attracting students or recent graduates. But that is not the only way.

- We advertise our master thesis projects on our website and we have been in contact with some specific institutions at universities to present our Master Thesis projects, says Annika Aleryd.

For more information, please contact Annika Aleryd or Gunnar Olsson or visit our website for all available Master Thesis projects.

LeanNova opens office in Shanghai


New _office

With the intension to give customers a complete partner in the car developing process, LeanNova Engineering AB, is opening an office in China.

- We are proud to be able to support our customers locally in Shanghai, says CEO, Tomas Camén.

The Automotive industry in China is growing fast and as a result there is a great need for skilled and experienced engineers. LeanNova has been present on the Chinese market for some time now, however, earlier this year the company started to make plans for a subsidiary company, located in Shanghai.  At the end of September the plans became a reality when LeanNova Automotive Engineering (Shanghai) Co Ltd, saw the light of day.

The main reason for establishing a new company in China is to even better support current and new customers.

- Our intension is to have a front office in Shanghai, however, most of the engineering work will be conducted in Trollhättan, Camén explains.

LeanNova’s presence in Shanghai will also contribute to a better understanding of the market requirement and customer needs.

- Our Chinese customers are naturally interested in the excellence and competence we offer, but they are also intrigued to learn from us. Registering the company in Shanghai will enable us to work in close cooperation with our customers and show our long term commitment, says Camén.

LeanNova has advertised for engineers to be situated in Shanghai and the response has been larger than expected. Applications keep coming from Sweden as well as Hong Kong and Shanghai.

- We are always looking for skilled engineers, however, it feels extremely good to be able to offer positions within the automotive industry in such an exciting country as China, says Camén.

Interview with LeanNova in Focus Väst


Interview with LeanNova in Focus Väst 

In an interview published in  Focus Väst, LeanNova's management describes the start-up phase of the company who has now reached a number of over 150 employees, and aims to hire another 50 in the next couple of months. A majority of the employees have previously worked at Saab Automobile and almost everyone have profound technical knowledge of Saab vehicles, including the electric car Saab 9-3 ZE (zero emissions). This is why LeanNova can support Automotive OEMs, in a very efficient way. The article can be found here (Swedish) Focus Väst 2013.09.11.

Vehicle dynamics seminar in Sweden


The seminar was held at Lindholmen Science Centre in Gothenburg May 15 and the name was “VEHICLE DYNAMICS CHALLENGES”. The purpose of the seminar was to present and discuss interesting issues within vehicle dynamics, develop and increase competence, create understanding and interest for vehicle dynamics, and utilize networking between Engineers and Organisations.

In the morning four overview speeches were held including presentation of challenges for heavy and light vehicles. In the afternoon session in-depth studies on six different subjects were presented including a speech on bicycle stability by Gunnar Olsson from Leannova. 

The seminar was fully booked with more than 50 participants.

The seminar was organised by SVEA and the Vehicle Dynamics Competence Area at SAFER with representatives from: Chalmers, KTH, VTI, LeanNova Engineering AB, Scania, Volvo Cars and Volvo GTT.

For further information contact Gunnar Olsson




Gunnar Olsson is adjunct professor of Vehicle Dynamics at Chalmes and senior Engineer at LeanNova. 
Phone: 072-3767515

Master Thesis Project on “Electric Motors for Vehicle Propulsion” has been completed


Martin Larsson from Linköping University has successfully carried out his thesis project “Electric Motors for Vehicle Propulsion”. Martin has studied different types of electric motors and created a tool for estimation of motor characteristics, which is very useful in conjunction with energy and performance analysis of electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

We also welcome Martin to LeanNova Engineering as a new employee in the Propulsion group.

LeanNova’s ongoing Master Thesis Projects


LeanNova is sponsoring two Master Thesis projects during spring 2013. The tasks are done in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology and Linköping University.

The students Markus Bozdemir and Dean Todevski from Chalmers University of Technology works on a thesis related to vehicle dynamics named “Yaw Moment Control using Brakes and an Active Differential”. The work focuses on the integration of active chassis systems” says LeanNova’s supervisor Gunnar Olsson PhD, Senior Integration Engineer.  The objective is to study how brake based electronic stability control (ESC) systems and an active differential (AD) cooperate in critical driving situations, such as high-way exits or emergency manoeuvres.

Another Master Thesis project carried out by Martin Larsson from Linköping University is related to energy simulation with the title “Electric Motors for Vehicle Propulsion”. Ingrid Sjunnesson, Senior Integration Engineer for Energy Management at LeanNova, explains that the work aims at developing a tool for estimation of performance properties for different types of electric motors. The performance estimations can be used as input to energy and performance simulations for example during concept selection for electric or hybrid-electric vehicles.

LeanNova’s fastgrowing pace is no worries for the cloud


Abstract from Telenor Mobility Report 2013.

LeanNova has chosen to use the cloud Office 365, provided by Telenor. Its main qualities are its flexibility, speed and accessibility; which are perfect for an expanding consultant company like LeanNova. Office 365 offers, among other things, an intranet (SharePoint 2010) and Lync, which enables meetings and conferences to be hold online.

“Our consultants needs to have access to all information regardless if they are in Sweden, Finland or China, using a smartphone, laptop etc. Safety is not a worry while using the cloud in my opinion.” Says Johan Tärbo, IT manager at LeanNova.


To read the complete article, see the Telenor Mobility Report 2013.

LeanNova plans to open office in China


Abstract from News2bizCHINA, February 26th:

"The Swedish engineering company Leannova Engineering AB, who works for major auto makers like e.g. JaguarLandRover, Volvo Car Corp and Nissan (UK), plans to open an office in China. The company was set up by former engineers from Saab Automotive and has worked closely with China's NEVS that bought most of Saab Automobile AB's assets. But NEVS is not the decisive reason for opening up in China; 'No, we are working with other clients there and we have a good chance of gaining a significant volume of work in China, so this is really what has tipped the balance in favour of setting up shop in China', says Christer Frykman, CFO at Leannova, to news2biz".


To read the complete article, see News2bizCHINA, No 211, February 26th 2013.

Grand opening of new Headquarter


The preparations of Leannova's new office building has been ongoing since December last year, and we were finally ready to move in on March 1st. The faciltity at Flygfältsvägen in Trollhättan, Sweden, includes all the key elements for our plans, such as +100 offices,  security areas, CAD workstations and a complete workshop specially prepared for hybrid and electrical vehicles with high voltage systems.The new headquarter is strategically located, close to our partner Combitech and  lab facilities.

"The facility has a perfect layout and we have been able to create a modern home-office for our company with support from Sara Bohlin at design firm ‘Kee CREATIVY", says project leader Christer Frykman.

Leannova Engineering has by this investment increased the capacity to take on turn-key projects.The corporate address remains unchanged: Nohabgatan 18, 451 53  Trollhättan.

Interview with LeanNova in TTELA


"We are considering an office in China, reveals CEO Tomas Camén" - LINK to interview (in Swedish)

Interview with CEO Tomas Camén and COO Martin Öman in Swedish Radio P4


Link to "Interview" (in Swedish)


LeanNova celebrates one-year anniversary today


In February 2012, we started the company with 10 Engineers from the former Saab Automobile AB and has since then grown to be over 100 employees, says Tomas Camen CEO




LeanNova starts cooperation with Elforest


LeanNova Engineering has started cooperation with Elforest, the company who has developed the world’s first forestry machine with serial hybrid electric technology. LeanNova will assist with model development and simulation of energy and performance for hybrid electric drivelines.

LeanNova Engineering AB at Elmia Subcontractor


We want to thank all interesting people and exhibitors we met at the Elmia Subcontractor Fair November   6th-9th 2012 in Jönköping. This has given us both reinforced collaborations but especially many new business partners. We hope to see you all again under new forms of cooperation or under other circumstances.

LeanNova opens new Project Office


LeanNova Engineering AB is expanding its presence in Trollhättan with a new purpose-built project office. The office is well suited with secure rooms to ensure confidentiality while being flexible to handle various projects from different clients at the same time. The project office enables the company to have a closer collaboration to its partner Combitech. The two company’s have the combined expertise to offer engineering assignments in automotive, aerospace and other industries in a global market.


LeanNova´s CEO, Tomas Camén said “LeanNova has rapidly expanded and these new facilities will ensure that we can accommodate our employees and handle more projects in Trollhättan ”



The office is situated at SAAB vägen 1, Trollhättan. 


Saabvägen 1


Interview with LeanNova in TTELA


NEVS is one of the new customers in LeanNova Engineering's growing business.

In an interview published in TTELA 2012.09.21, NEVS is pointed out as a new customer for LeanNova, who is already working with companies such as Volvo and JaguarLandrover. LeanNova has now reached a number of 85 employees, and aims to hire another 50 in the next couple of months. 84 of the current employees have previously worked at Saab Automobile and almost everyone have profound technical knowledge of Saab vehicles, including the electric car Saab 9-3 ZE (zero emissions). This is why LeanNova can support NEVS, the new owner of Saab 9-3 and Phoenix architecture, in a very efficient way.


LeanNova Engineering uses NEVS test labs


The former Saab Automobile Test Lab facilities, since August 31st 2012 owned by
National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), have capabilities for performing
several various tests within all the automotive design disciplines.

NEVS has clarified that LeanNova will continue to have access to the test labs and our
intention is to continue to use the NEVS test labs as the main test site when
performing development work for our customers. LeanNova has engineers on-site
in the test facilities since the beginning of 2012; performing tests and analysis

LeanNova´s combination of experienced test engineers, system engineers and integration
engineers enables customer turn-key solutions, from test planning, analysis
of the results and proposals for solutions.

LeanNova Chooses Altair ProductDesign as Strategic Development Partner


LeanNova, Swedish Engineering Service Provider Chooses Altair ProductDesign as Strategic Development Partner.

LeanNova participates in 7:th ISNVH congress


LeanNova Engineering participates in 7:th International Styrian Noise, Vibration & Harshness Congress in Graz, June 13-15. The paper "N&V Integration and Optimization of Driveline Using Transfer Path Analysis" (SAE-paper 2012-01-1531) will be presented by Per-Olof Sturesson.

Interview with Christian Bromander in Swedish Radio P4 Väst


Swedish Radio P4 Väst discuss the Phoenix Platform

Interview with CEO Tomas Camén in Swedish journal NyTeknik


"The test facilities is the heart of Saab Automobile", interview with CEO Tomas Camén.

Interview with CEO Tomas Camén in Swedish Radio P4


SR P4 Väst "Ex-Saabare starka på marknaden", intervju med bl.a  LeanNovas VD Tomas Camén.

We need more skilled and motivated engineers!


We need more skilled and motivated engineers!

See also http://www.leannova.se/career

LeanNova Engineering office at Innovatum Teknikpark opens


LeanNova Engineering office at Innovatum Teknikpark opens.

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