Manufacturing Engineering

The task for manufacturing engineering is to be the interface between product design and production, i.e. enable a feasible product design using the most efficient manufacturing processes in terms of quality, lead time and cost. Close co-operation between product design and manufacturing engineering teams is a prerequisite for achieving a lean production system, especially when new materials or technologies are introduced in the product design, e.g. when light weight concepts are brought into the product. Continuous improvements in terms of quality enhancements, lead time and product cost reduction in running production, require contribution of manufacturing engineering. To ensure an optimal production system layout, virtual methods and simulations tools are used.

The manufacturing engineering disciplines may be divided into:

  • Sheet metal stamping
  • Body assembly
  • Paint shop
  • General assembly
  • Supplier quality

The LeanNova Engineering team has profound knowledge of the different manufacturing engineering disciplines. Several members of the team have long experience from a global OEM. This will contribute in adding value to our customers in project execution in terms of supplier interaction, product design and enabling an efficient manufacturing.

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