Body & Exterior

The body system consists of several subsystems, where several of them are made of sheet metal. The body in white (BiW) acts in a unibody automotive design as the major "bracket", e.g. many other systems are attached to it. This drives requirement input from many other attributes and systems, which leads to an increased technical complexity. One important task for the body system is to facilitate and visualize the exterior styling theme. Another on-going challenge is weight reduction without violating e.g. safety and noise related requirements as the body system contributes considerably to the overall vehicle weight.

The "Body & Exterior" system consists of the following areas:

  • BiW
  • Doors and Closures
  • Body Exterior

Based on many years of experience in automotive body system development, LeanNova Engineering has a broad experience of material and manufacturing processes to design body systems for all body styles including convertibles.

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