Electrical & Electronics

Without the electrical system in a modern automotive vehicle almost nothing would function. Analogous to the nerve system in a human being the electrical  system acquires information by means of different sensors at various positions, processes the acquired information and finally transmits it to a receiving unit for an action. This action may be visualized by a tell-tale in the central information unit or by a power window opening sequence. Due to the complexity of the electrical system it must be flexible, modular and expandable to fit future needs. In addition this system must be cost efficient.

Introduction of vehicles with electrical or hybrid propulsion as well as the integration of active safety systems, put new challenges into the electrical system.

Electrical system engineering consists of:

  • Electrical architecture and system design
  • Serial data and diagnostics
  • Power and signal distribution
  • General electrical requirements and methods
  • Subsystem design and development including MIL, SIL and HIL
  • Hybrid systems and energy storage

LeanNova Engineering team has long experience in all disciplines of electrical system engineering, including in-house SW and development of safety critical systems according to ISO 26262. Our OEM experience adds value to our customers in terms of knowhow, project execution with expected quality and supplier interaction.

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