Energy Management

The attribute Energy Management is all about improving the energy efficiency of the vehicle. This task has increased in importance over the last years caused by new regulations but also market requirements demanding an increased focus on fuel economy and CO2 reduction. The result is an extensive introduction of enablers for improved fuel economy, like automated combustion engine stop/start systems as well as down speeding/sizing for vehicles with internal combustion engines. Alternative concepts like mild to strong hybrid or electric propulsion systems have also been introduced as enablers. These enablers are often in conflict with other attributes like acceleration performance, noise and vibration or vehicle dynamics. Additional requirements and activities may be forced to be added in the vehicle development.


Energy Management engineering covers all aspects in terms of powertrain efficiency, vehicle mass and parasitic losses such as aerodynamic drag, driveline friction losses, tyre rolling resistance, electrical system energy losses as well as thermal inefficiency. In order to achieve the overall vehicle objective with respect to fuel economy and CO2 emissions, comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how different systems interact is required together with up-front analysis and optimization.

LeanNova Engineering team has a long experience of developing vehicles for a global market with respect to energy management. Our OEM experience adds value to our customers in terms of applied methods, knowhow and project execution with expected quality.

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