Noise & Vibration

Noise and vibration is one of the most important attributes influencing comfort for the occupants in a vehicle. Noise and vibration is regarded as unwanted and the engineering target is generally to keep it as low as possible. The customer expectation on noise and vibration refinement is increasing and has an important impact on the perception of the product itself.

The perceived noise and vibration quality for a customer include effects like engine cranking while standing as well as noise and vibrations from engine, road and wind at driving. While driving the vehicle, a remote and enclosed perception from ambient noise may be important as well as a balance between engine-, road- and wind noise.

In addition to the reduction of unwanted noise it is as important to strive for perfection in the sound quality of functions like door closing, auditory alerts and audio systems. Deep knowledge about the interaction between the propulsion, chassis, body, electrical and interior systems in terms of acoustic properties is a key enabler in achieving the targeted refinement level.

LeanNova Engineering has a team with long experience within the field of Noise & Vibration and can offer a broad range of engineering services within this area.

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