Regulatory Affairs

In almost every country around the world, rules and laws are restricting the way a vehicle can be designed and constructed. There are also regulations stipulating the way vehicles should be tested and approved, usually in presence of authority inspectors.

For anyone with experience from the automotive world, it is easily understood that failing to comply with the required vehicle regulations, can lead to very severe consequences, in terms of time and money.

Therefore, the people involved at every stage of a vehicle development project, need to be aware of what is legally required at the point the vehicle enters the intended market and also during the vehicle’s whole life cycle.  

The Regulatory Affairs team at LeanNova has a long and wide experience of global vehicle regulation work. That includes:

  • The understanding of present, but also the coverage of future, regulations
  • Performing the complete scope for component, system and vehicle certification
  • Separate certification tests
  • Type approval processes on various markets around the world.
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