Vehicle Safety is an attribute that always must be considered when developing a vehicle or a system. For many automotive manufacturers it is natural to offer their customers the best possible protection in real life situations. For others it is essential to get a good rating in consumer tests. For some manufactures the focus is to fulfil regulatory tests on specific markets, still it might be a challenge just to get this accomplished.

Consumer tests and regulations around the world are continuously changing which often results in contradicting design requirements, making it challenging to develop vehicles for a global market. To reach higher safety standards for the next generation vehicles, introduction of new sophisticated active safety systems are necessary. These active systems are built upon interactions between different subsystems, resulting in significant challenges regarding functional safety (ISO 26262).

The LeanNova Engineering team is among the most skilled ones you can find in the area of Vehicle Safety, with many years of experience in developing vehicles with high safety performance for a global market.

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