Vehicle Dynamics

To make a vehicle fun, easy and safe to drive, the driver need a fast, predictable and consistent behavior, combined with an intuitive feedback with a minimum of disturbances. In addition, the interaction between tire and road must meet high standards in order to support active safety. The task for the vehicle dynamics engineer is to ensure that these properties are implemented in the vehicle to achieve outstanding handling and road holding.

The objective for the ride engineer is to minimize the vibrations perceived by the occupants of the vehicle and combine this with good vehicle body control. In order to cope with these requirements, sometimes conflicting, it is essential to get the fundamentals right and utilize each component and subsystem at their optimum. However, in order to reach the ultimate levels of ride, handling, stability and brake performance it is necessary to introduce active chassis systems.

The prerequisite to achieve high vehicle performance levels is to ensure base vehicle characteristics at different conditions and payloads. The vehicle dynamics engineer need to understand the importance of a number of design factors, such as position of centre of gravity, dynamic index and the influence of subsystems characteristics, including the impact of tolerance chains.

Based on decades of experience of vehicle integration and development, LeanNova Engineering has the know-how and ability to make vehicles fun to drive and to reach top levels of ride comfort and active safety. LeanNova Engineering has the skills to meet the needs of our clients.

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